Overwatch in 2018: New Heroes, Skins, Maps, Events
Overwatch in 2018: New Heroes, Skins, Maps, Events

Overwatch in 2018: New Heroes, Skins, Maps, Events

Overwatch creator Blizzard released a developer update video showing off what you can expect for the popular hero shooter through the year. The latest hero to the game, which Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan codenames as “Hero 27” is work in progress. Currently being tested by the team, there’s no release date yet. Kaplan hints that the new hero is “very needed” and the team is prioritising getting it right over shipping it by a specific date.

The BlizzardWorld amusement park map that was revealed at BlizzCon 2017 will be added “very soon” to Overwatch along with skins based on other Blizzard properties such as Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft. Expect more new Overwatch maps in 2018 as Kaplan states they tend to be the most popular additions to the game. Furthermore, standard skins will be added to the year round loot box rotation.

Following up last year’s Lunar Event that celebrated the Year of the Rooster, 2018 in Overwatch sees the Year of the Dog as the next Lunar New Year event and it’ll have “significant content players will be very happy with.”


April 2018 should see Uprising return as well. It will incorporate feedback from the 2017 debut . Kaplan teased some “really big ideas” as well as it being “evolved” over the past Uprising event. As for Overwatch lore, Kaplan said the team wants to show what happened to other heroes when Winston issued a recall signal to all Overwatch operatives. More animated shorts and comics explaining this in the year to come.

And for those interested in the Overwatch Competitive mode, Kaplan confirmed that Overwatch Competitive Season 8 will see greater ramifications as the team is considering long term “big picture” changes. Previously, Blizzard’s approach has been to make smaller, tactical changes in response to player feedback Finer details on all these plans would be announced closer to their roll out dates. With three new heroes, new maps, new cinematics, and new game modes added to Overwatch in 2017, will Blizzard have a greater output? Or will the focus be on tweaking what the e-sports crowd wants? So far it’s managed to balance both and 2018 appears to be consistent in this regard.

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