Since its release, Pokemon Go has captured the hearts of people all around the globe and has become an absolute phenomenon.


In the last few weeks however, Niantic’s ambitious game has hit a few bumps, facing a lot of backlash after it removed the ‘nearby’ feature in an update (though it was restored later, albeit in a very watered down format) and criticism aimed at its buggy and unfinished nature.

500 million downloads!
All that doesn’t seem to have slowed the game’s momentum though, with Niantic’s founder John Hanke announcing at the iPhone 7 event that the game has been downloaded more than 500 million times around the world.

That’s a crazy number, especially considering the fact that game was released in July, just a few months ago!

Pokemon Go Plus
The Pokemon Go Plus wrist accessory, whose release has been pushed back a few times is finally seeing the light of the day and will be made available from September 16.

The wrist accessory connects with your Android or iOS device and alerts you about nearby Pokemon of PokeStops by vibrating/ flashing an LED light.

The Pokemon Go Plus will cost $34.99 (Roughly RS 2,350) and sure is a hell lot cheaper way to get Pokemon Go on your wrist than buying an Apple Watch.

Pokemon Go on your Apple Watch!
Yes, at the Apple iPhone 7 event on Wednesday, Niantic announced that the game is coming to the Apple watch and will be available to download this holiday season.