Toyota Innova Crysta With DC Design’s Customized Lounge
Toyota Innova Crysta With DC Design’s Customized Lounge
Toyota Innova Crysta With DC Design’s Customized Lounge

Just when you thought the new Innova Crysta can’t get any better, you need to take a closer look at the luxurious lounge customized by DC design. The new lounge by DC Design makes Innova Crysta more desirable with additional styling bits and tech, taking luxury to another level. Here are some images that give insight into the customized lounge, have a look. Toyota Innova Crysta With DC Design’s Customized Lounge.

In a bid to make it more upmarket and snug, the 7/8 seat configuration has been tweaked. The new ‘Lounge First’ offers just two seats at the back, which allows more space. With two business class rear seats, there is ample leg-room, shoulder space and head space. This also makes space to fit new equipment.

The two business-class airline style seats come with recline function, allowing occupants to adjust it to a great degree. These seats are wrapped with premium tan leather that matches well with the dark interior colour scheme and wooden finish floor.

DC Design’s Modified Toyota Innova Crysta


Utility features such as foldable tables at front are put to use while munching on snacks etc. In addition, there is a new entertainment system with bespoke options.

Use of high quality material including leather and wood on ceiling and doors add more opulence to the interior. Other bits such as segregate reading lamps on the ceiling with Rolls Royce-Style starlit finish and partition between driver & passenger cabins make the new lounge more desirable. Several bespoke options are available for the driver’s cabin.

Coming to the monetary terms, it costs a bit too much to make something even better that is already flattering. The DC lounge starts from Rs 4.95 lakh, which is quite high. There are several additional bespoke options that can take this amount further.