Canon Upcoming Cameras 2017
Canon Upcoming Cameras 2017
Canon Upcoming Cameras 2017

Canon Upcoming Cameras 2017 DSLR and Mirrorless camera, We have seen some of the big announcements in the year 2016 which does include Canon 1DX Mark II, Canon 80D and finally during the Photokina event Canon also announced the Canon 5D Mark IV camera.

The Canon 6D Mark II camera was expected to arrive sometime in 2016 but the announcement was delayed since Sep 2016 date was reserved by 5D Mark IV. The delay in the announcement of 6D Mk II based on simple logic, Canon doesn’t want to lower down the sales of its 5D series by putting a affordable DPAF FF sensor solution in-front of photographers.

Canon 6D Mark II on April 2017
NAB 2017 shows will be a great platform in front Canon to introduce the Canon 6D Mark II camera. The camera will have Dualpixel CMOS AF fullframe sensor and advance core specification compared to existing Canon 6D DSLR. That will sure attract new customer base towards Canon.

Canon 800D on January 2017
We are almost confirmed that Canon next announcement will be a Rebel camera. Canon will bring new Canon T7s aka Canon 800D in-front of users in Jan or Feb of 2017. Specification of the upcoming Rebel camera not know, but according to the trusted sources the DSLRs to be released in “its own way”.


Latest rumors suggest that Canon will announce two version of Rebel T7s and T7i. Both will carry same sensor but different body design.

Canon 77D
According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon is rumored to announce 77D camera along with T7i. On or before CES show of 2017. Follow us for more updates and rumors.

Canon G1X Mark III Q1 of 2017
Canon G1X Mark II was announced on Feb, 12th 2014. The age of the current camera is approx 2 years, 6 months. But, if we look at the Canon G1X product life cycle it was only 2 year and 1 month. It directly means Canon G1X Mark III announcement is inevitable.

Canon SX70 HS at CES 2017 Show
Yest the Canon SX70 HS is alive somewhere and breathing. According to the new sources Canon may announce the SX70 HS camera on CES 2017 show. No more details available yet but we do expect it will have a big jump in core specification when compared with Canon SX60 HS camera.

Canon Fullframe Mirrorless Rumor
According to rumors published few weeks ago Canon is likely to announce the Canon Fullframe mirrorless camera in Q4 of 2017. Canon is also working on a fixed lens compact camera to compete against Sony RX1R.


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