GoPro Hero 6 action camera to launch this year confirms CEO
GoPro Hero 6 action camera to launch this year confirms CEO
GoPro Hero 6 action camera to launch this year, confirms CEO

Although GoPro posted a net loss of $116 million in its recent earnings call, CEO Nicholas Woodman also mentioned what products the company plans on launching this year. When asked about the GoPro Hero line-up and what to expect in future, Woodman confirmed there will be a GoPro Hero 6 action camera coming out this year.

The GoPro CEO further said that there will be other cameras and accessories hitting the market in 2017.

Paul Coster from JPMorgan Securities asked Woodman, “I think in the prepared remarks it sounded like this year you will have several new products coming to market. Can you confirm that and we’re not going to be on a two-year kind of timeline now between HEROs.”

In response, Woodman said, “Yes, we can confirm there will be new cameras and other accessories released during the year and new camera namely being HERO6.”


The statement also confirms that GoPro is not following the two-year launch timeline between the cameras. For those uninitiated, the company took a two-year gap between the launches of Hero 4 and Hero 5 cameras.

We can expect the GoPro Hero 6 to come with enhanced camera sensors and video recording capabilities. The existing Hero 5 range devices can record 4K resolution videos at up to 30fps.

However, Xiaomi recently launched what it claims is the world’s first action camera than can record 4K videos at 60fps. We can expect something similar from the Hero 6.

Woodman, also gave some credit to the Hero 5 cameras for revenue generation in the Q4 2016.

“The HERO5 line of cameras, the Karma Grip stabilizer, Quik mobile and desktop applications and our Plus cloud service, all of these advance GoPro as a powerful and convenient end-to-end storytelling solution. Thanks to these new products, we achieved our second highest quarterly revenue in GoPro’s 14-year history,” he said.