Nokia 3310 Concept Video Shows What a Modern Avatar of the Iconic Nokia Phone Could Look Like


News of a Nokia 3310 reboot coming later this month spread like wildfire on the Internet, leading to a trip down memory lane for the fans of the classic phone. The rumoured phone is expected to stick to the original Nokia 3310’s feature phone roots, and not support the apps we are all accustomed to nowadays. But that doesn’t mean it will be completely devoid of the features we see in feature phones these days. And we may have our first look at what the modern avatar of the classic Nokia 3310 could look like.

YouTube user going by the name Concept Creator has released a video showing a Nokia 3310 reboot concept phone, complete with features that the handset may sport. These include 1.5-inch screen with support for 256K colours, camera on the back, support for FM radio, 8GB internal storage, Micro-USB port for charging and data transfer, and 1650mAh battery that delivers standby time of up to 235 hours. The original Nokia 3310 had a two-tone green and black display and 1000mAh battery

The Nokia 3310 design, on the other hand, remains largely unchanged in the video, with the same Nokia Navi Key and alphanumeric keyboard that the original handset sported.

Watch the video below to check out the Nokia 3310 reboot concept version:


Microsoft in 2015 had launched the Nokia 215 feature that [supported Internet] () at a price of Rs. 2,149. With the rumoured Nokia 3310 reboot’s price expected to be EUR 59 (roughly Rs. 4,000), the upcoming phone having Internet access is not unimaginable either. However, we will have to wait till the Nokia MWC 2017 event to see which of these features the new Nokia 3310 version actually has.