Xiaomi Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 Smart Body Scale Unveiled at $13
Xiaomi Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 Smart Body Scale Unveiled at $13
Xiaomi Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 Smart Body Scale Unveiled at $13

Xiaomi’s crowdfunded brand Mijia has launched its 72nd product to add to its lineup of consumer durable products. Called Yunmao Good Light Mini 2, Xiaomi’s smart body scale is more than just a body weighing device. It is priced at CNY 89 ($13 or roughly Rs. 840) and open for funding on Mi Home crowdfunding platform. It will go on sale starting May 11 shipped by Shenzhen YunMai Technology, which will also manage after-sale services.

Apart from its very obvious job of weighing human body, the Xiaomi Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 can also monitor several physical data like weight, body fat, muscle, bone mass, internal organ fat, basal metabolic rate, Body Mass Index (BMI), body age, protein, and water level. The smart body scale contains a BMI chip inside coupled with a multi-frequency electrical impedance that is responsible for measuring biological tissues, which is more accurate as compared to the DC grease.

The aesthetics of the Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 make use of an ultra-white tempered glass panel that prevents skidding. The smart body scale is square in shape along with well-chamfered curved edges on all four sides. Below the apex layer, there is an high-definition LED display along with electrode sensing film with 304 stainless steel. The steel used in the scale is claimed to possess anti-rust properties that won’t worry you if you step on it with wet feet.

The Yunmao Good Light Mini 2 has a low-power Bluetooth v4.0 that has auto turn on/ off controls. It can be connected with Mi App, which harbours controls for every Mi Ecosystem product. With the help of the Mi App, you will be able to track and check the fitness and measurement data about your body. It is powered by three AA batteries that are rated to last up to a year.


As always, Xiaomi’s Mijia products are exclusively available in the Chinese market at a price of CNY 89 (roughly Rs. 840). Recently, there have been a slew of consumer durable products that have been launched by Xiaomi including Walkie-Talkie, Smart Camera, Car Recorder, and Scishare Coffee Maker among others.

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